The 10 Questions

  1. Who | Who is your audience? How expert will they be about the subject and/or display conventions?
  2. Explore-Explain | Is your goal to explore, document, or explain your data or ideas, or a combination of these?
  3. Categories |Do you want to show or explore pre-existing, known, human-interpretable, categories?
  4. Patterns |Do you want to identify new, previously unknown or undefined patterns?
  5. Predictions & Uncertainty | Are you making a comparison between data and/or predictions? Is representing uncertainty a concern?
  6. Dimensions | What is the intrinsic number of dimensions (not necessarily spatial) in your data, and how many do you want to show at once?
  7. Abstraction & Accuracy  | Do you need to show all the data, or is summary or abstraction OK?
  8. Context & Scale | Can you, and do you want to, put the data into a standard frame of reference, coordinate system, or show scale(s)?
  9. Metadata | Do you need to display or link to non-quantitative metadata? (including captions, labels, etc.)
  10. Display Modes | What display modes might be used in experiencing your display?

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