About 10QViz

Goal & History The 10QViz project is an online effort to share visualization-related knowledge with everyone that might be otherwise accessible only to visualization experts.  It was born from conversations among scientists who work in different disciplines, so we believe it will be of value across areas of expertise (and probably beyond science as well!).

Disclaimer The approach we take in this blog is ‘translational’ in the sense that we wish to provide approachable and practicable information to those who create visualizations as a by-product of their work, and broadly contribute to advancing visual literacy for all. As such, the intended audience is not visualization experts, even though everyone is welcome to play.

Who started this? This site’s core content has been created and managed by Alyssa Goodman & Arzu Çöltekin. We are happy to receive your opinions, observations and contribution offers. Please use our many commenting and annotation options, share widely, and contact us using the contact button.

We are working on a scholarly article (Çöltekin & Goodman 2018) that contains the research supporting the advice offered at this 10QViz site. It’s online as a draft, in Authorea.